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Design Your Own Light Brown Leatherette Stubby Holder

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Put your stamp on this super cool light brown leatherette stubby holder with your own custom design laser engraved on it. You can add your flare to the front and back of the stubby holder to suit any occasion or just because you or someone special deserves a treat.

If you are loving this light brown leatherette stubby holder, but are not feeling creative enough to tackle creating a custom design from scratch, checkout all the designs available for this stubby holder and use the filters on the left-hand-side to narrow down the perfect design to suit the occasion, recipient or interests of the recipient.

Product Information

Our light brown leatherette range laser engraves dark, near black, which provides excellent colour contrast that resembles a buckskin bay horse with dark socks. With a smooth profile, our light brown leatherette is outstanding for laser engraving photos, text and artwork. The leatherette is water-resistant, easy to clean and durable for daily personal use. Each leatherette piece is made with high-quality workmanship.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Light Brown leatherette stubby holder with dark laser marking

Excludes all accessories not specified in the inclusions.

Laserable Area

Laserable Area

Front and back each have a 90 x 80mm laserable area. The laserable area is centred to the stubby holder, not the stitching.

Personalisation Instructions

Personalisation Editor

Amazing, you are feeling creative and have selected to create your own design.

So, let’s get started:

  • Click the ‘Personalise Design’ button, located on the right of the main image or underneath the price on small mobile devices.
  • You will be taken into the design editor where you can add and style text, add some of our pre-configured artwork and upload your own images from your device, Facebook or Instagram.
    • After uploading your images you can drag and drop them on the design or simply click the image in the list and it will be dropped in the centre of the design. You can also search through a free selection of photos via the Search tab.
    • Your image will automatically be converted to remove colour, so it gives you an idea of what your laser engraving will look like.
  • Once you have finished designing your masterpiece, click the tick in the top-right of the editor to save and confirm your design. You will be taken back to the product page, and can add your design to your shopping cart.
  • Until you place your order, you can continue to edit your design.
  • If you decide you want to start again, press the ‘Reset Design’ button on the product page or the refresh button in the top-right of the editor.

Please note, if you choose to view photos from your Facebook or Instagram account, you will be asked to authorise access to your account. The authority is not granted us, but to the third-party web-to-print provider we use.

Photo Size and Quality

Laser marking takes on variances of the material underneath, so it is best to use photos where there is good contrast between the focus and background, and the focus areas, such as faces, are large. If the focus areas are small and happen to be in a part of the material that lasers very light or dark, some of the detail may be lost. Whereas, a photo enlarged to focus on the important elements, will often be large enough to compensate for the variance.

The quality of the images you upload matters. If you upload a poor quality or low resolution image, our image preparation and laser processes can’t and don’t improve it, so it will still be of poor quality or low resolution on the lasered product.

Artwork Approval

The benefit of our real-time design illustration is that you already know what the lasered product will look like, so we don’t waste time with artwork approvals. With this in mind, please check the spelling is correct and you are happy with the size and placement of images prior to placing your order.

Important Information

Production Lead Time

For small orders of only a few items, your moment etched in time should be on its way to you 4-5 business days after order processing. For larger orders contact us to discuss scheduling.

Product Variance

Some of our products, like those made from leatherette or slate, contain deliberate texture variations, which will be visible through the laser engraving. Each piece you receive will vary slightly from each other and the images shown on our website and any other marketing material. These variations make each piece unique and are not considered as defects.

The stitching location, colour, start, end and overlap points may vary between items, like our leatherette products, and from the images shown on our website and any other marketing material. These variations are not considered as defects.

For the purpose of sale, our product design images are computer generated mock-ups, unless otherwise stated. The actual laser engraving you receive will adopt the characteristics of the material, and will not always be a solid or consistent block of colour.

Product Care

Clean your leatherette item using a damp, warm soapy cloth or sponge. Do not soak in water, avoid direct contact with running water and do not put through a dishwasher or washing machine.

Personalisation Filters
Gift Type Gift Item
Photo Gift Photo Gift
Non-Photo Gift
Personalisation Type Design Your Own
Personalisation Method Laser Engraved
Product Specifications
Product Type Stubby Holders
Material Leatherette
Extra Materials EVA
Colour Light Brown lasers Black

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